Pyradia is completing the fabrication of a nine-bay power panel, housing a state of the art Siemens based PLC & drive system. This panel assembly will equip a new reverse roll coating line that Pyradia is currently manufacturing for a supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive coated films.

The line driven axis are powered by twelve SIMATIC S120 controllers from Siemens, connected with AC busbars and common DC buss. The system is completed with eightSINAMIC G120 power controllers.

The programmable Logic Controller is a SIMATIC S7-1500F, a CPU 1518F safety controller for demanding standard and fail-safe applications, with advanced functionality requirements. The SIMATIC S7-1500, integrates seamlessly with the TIA Portal, the latest Siemens innovative engineering framework for complex automation tasks.

Nine Bay Power Panel - PSA Coating line - Pyradia ---

PSA web coating line control panel

“The new controller generation provides the advantage of scalability and functional consistency thanks to the uniform engineering in the TIA Portal and best-in-class solutions in terms of security and safety.”

Pyradia Web Converting is one of the first manufacturer in North America to integrate this new generation of controllers from Siemens.  The PSA web coating line is due for completion in a few months.