Combustible wood dust is made up of very fine particles that can ignite and burn when suspended in air.  This dust may also present an explosion hazard under certain conditions.

The key to preventing dust explosions is to prevent combustible wood dust from accumulating to hazardous levels, particularly in hidden areas and on hard-to-clean elevated surfaces. Efforts to minimize accumulations and prevent the generation of dust clouds need to be supported by robust control of ignition sources that could ignite a fire or explosion.

All Belfab dust collectors are made of non-combustible materials except filters and seals as required by the NFPA 664 standards.

Although it is your responsibility to understand the regulations in place in your area, when specifying equipment BELFAB dust collectors experts will always provide recommendation to ensure your installation is safe.

Spark detection  –  Fire protection  – Explosion protection

There was a fire at our customer yesterday (August 2017) . The safety devices worked perfectly. All sytems activated and the fire was extinguished in seconds. Nice job Belfab!!!!” – Richard Akins, from Akins Machinery.  

Due to the investment required, we often question the necessity of equipping dust collectors of all necessary safety equipment. These events remind us how important it is to comply to regulation and trust experts recommendation.


BELFAB offers a range of safety accessories to help you respect NFPA standards and keep your employees safe. Contact our experts for more information.


ABORT DAMPERS : they are used to abort air away from the dust collector or to abort return air away from the plant.

FIRE DAMPERS: they prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork.

SPARK DETECTORS & FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM: The system detects and extinguishes sparks embers before it causes a fire or dust explosion.

BACKDRAFT DAMPERS: They are designed to allow airflow in one direction and prevent reverse airflow