The JNBM-OP unit integrates a high performance industrial blower with top of the line filter bag offering an efficiency of 98.98% @ 0.5 micron.

At less than 12 feet high with a foot print less than 8 square feet. The compact design of the JNBM-OP makes it ideal for applications where space is a premium.


  • A choice of 3 dust disposal systems
  • Standard with 10 disposable bags
  • Steel Drums
  • Plastic Tilt trucks
  • Magnetic starter in 3Ø – 208/230/460/600 volts
  • Rapid assembly & installation
  • Compact configuration offering a small footprint


  • Low maintenance direct drive centrifugal fan
  • AMCA Class B non-spark aluminium fan wheel
  • High efficiency TEFC motor, CSA-UL or CSA-US approved
  • High efficiency polytwill filter bags
Filtration surface (sq.ft) 165
Dimension (W x D X H) (in.) 44” x 48” x 130”
Module weight (lbs) 325
Disposal capacity ft³ 18


Blower Motor (HP) 5 7.5
Capacity CFM 2500 3500
Sound pressure (dB) 86 87
Inlet diameter (in.) 9 10


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