Assay furnace

Pyradia is a manufacturer of ovens and furnaces, well known in the mining industry for the design and production of custom-built equipment. The assay furnace has several unique features which facilitate its use and assure results of the highest quality.

Efficient & performant

Four and a half inches of high-quality refractory brick and two and a half inches of mineral board ensure excellent insulating properties, resulting in reduced heat-up time and increased temperature uniformity. The materials used in the construction of the treating chamber offer excellent protection against corrosive emanations that may result from the process. The guillotine-type door is counterweighed and opens from top to bottom by a lever conveniently located on the front of the furnace. The operator of the furnace may open the door slightly with minimum heat loss and minimum amount of fresh air entering the chamber.

Easy to operate

The heat treating chamber is completely independent from the furnace casing, ensuring better ventilation of the electrical connections for increased reliability. It can be easily removed for maintenance purposes. This characteristic, coupled with superior insulation, also enables the furnace casing to remain cool. A drawer is installed beneath the door, allowing the operator to clean the hearth plate without spilling residue on the lab floor. Process residue is swept towards the front of the plate and falls into the drawer, which can be quickly emptied. An access door on each side of the furnace allows for an easy replacement of elements and thermocouples.


The furnace casing is made of heavy gauge sheet metal and is specially formed to provide superior structural strength. The control panel is slightly recessed, providing protection for the electronic controls. All electric and electronic controls are grouped at the base of the furnace. These easy-to-read controls include:

  • Watlow PM-6 electronic digital temperature and safety control (calibrated at our plant)
  • Simple phase or three phase ammeter
  • Pilot lights and switches
  • Security contactors


2400°F (1315°C)

Inside dimensions Outside dimensions
Models Width Lenth Height Width Lenth Height Power Weight
(in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) kW (lbs / kgs)
AF 2001 14.5 / 36 22 / 56 6 / 15 43 / 110 42 / 107 85 / 216 20 850 / 385