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Pyradia is a renowned North American manufacturer of precision high pressure calendering lines, with up to 3000 PLI (525N/mm) compression capacity, available in both vertical and horizontal nip configuration, with roll skewing and roll bending active nip gap uniformity controls. Our proprietary servo-hydraulic positioning system allows for adjusting nip gap opening at full pressure and line speed, with position accuracy within few microns. Combine Pyradia calenders with a mass gauge for automatic closed loop web thickness control, available for a variety of substrates such as paper, film, nonwovens, graphite, fabric, foams, fiberglass, rubber and specialty materials.

To achieve the desired polymer properties, combine Pyradia calenders with Machine Direction Orientation (MDO), Traverse Direction Orientation (TDO or tenter frame), or coating and lamination stations. Pyradia calender rolls are thermal oil or electrical induction heated, with a large selection of compliant or hard surface finish.