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Pyradia manufactures a wide range of silicone coating lines, from thick filled silicone products to thin silicone release liners, whether your application requires solventless, solvent based or water emulsion silicone coatings, for producing siliconized paper and films. We offer silicone coating solutions that are tailored for your specific application, with Knife-Over-Roll (KOR) coater for thick layers, direct or offset gravure for thin coat weight and multi-roll offset split-film roll coater for extra low coat weight, both for single and dual-sided processes.

Pyradia manufactures a complete range of convection, infrared and combination dryers, including flotation dryers for dual sided coating applications.

Our experienced engineering team will guide you through selecting the ideal coating method and dryer configuration for your specific product. We have experience with a wide range of products such as: pressure-sensitive release liners, graphic arts and labels, healthcare, automotive, electronics, foams and tapes.

Pyradia’s customer-centric design approach provides innovative solutions, flexible modular designs, and machines built according to the highest quality standards to optimize your production, whether you require roll-to-roll or continuous high-speed operation. Visualize our latest silicone coating installation below.