Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Pyradia web converting develop and manufacture complete converting line as well as individual roll-to-roll converting stations for the pressure sensitive adhesive industry.  Our equipement is being used by converters and manufacturer of PSA products such as tape, labels or advanced material.

“PSAs are a combination of several materials that come together to form a “construction.” A PSA construction is a combination of layers including a facestock (label) or backing (tape), an optional primer coat, an adhesive, and a silicone release coating on a protective liner. The PSA construction – whether a label, tape or transfer adhesive – is manufactured through several coating and laminating steps, including liner-release coating, adhesive coating/drying/curing, optional facestock or backing primer coating, and lamination of the facestock or backing to the liner.” – (Source Chemsultant & ASI adhesives & Sealants)

Coating & Laminating equipment

PSA coating & laminating line video

PSA Laminator article

Manufacturing Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Products: A Coating and Laminating Process 


PSA products