BA-1800 industrial air cleaner

BELFAB BA-1800 industrial air cleaner is a multi-purpose unit for ambient air filtering. This filtering system can be used on a wide range of industrial shop applications involving releases of fine dust into the air therefore improving the working environment in the shop.


The BA-1800 is powered by a dual inlet blower providing 1800 CFM. The blower is a direct-drive system, requiring low maintenance and designed for quiet operation.


The BA-1800C is designed to be suspended from the ceiling.

The BA-1800G is to be installed on the ground with the discharge going towards the ceiling, to improve air circulation.



The modular feature of the BA-1800 allows different permutations of filters arrangement.

With the possibility to add-on to the standard pre-filter and pleated filter, the BA-1800 can be configured for each specific application.

For optimal filtration efficiency pleated filter, pocket filter and even HEPA filter are available options.


(on High Efficiency configuration)

  • Adjustable louver
  • Filter module:
    Pre-filter, pleated filter, pocket filter, HEPA filter
  • Blower module
  • Access doors
  • Support legs (BA-1800G)


  • Low, medium or high efficiency
  • Magnehelic gauge
  • Louver
  • HEPA filter (requires HEPA module, 26″ x 22″ x 26″)
Blower Motor (HP) ¾ HP
Electrical Configuration 115V – 10 A – 1ph  (use a 15 Amp circuit breaker)
Capacity (CFM) 1800
Sound Level (dB) 76
Standard Filter Module – Dimensions (W x L x H) 26’’ x 30’’ x 26’’
Blower Module – Dimensions (W x L x H) 26’’ x 30’’ x 26’’
Module weight (lbs) 200 to 250 LBS