Pyradia offers precision-engineered calender systems tailored to your specific needs. Pyradia’s calenders are a definite choice for your thermal bonding, thermal forming, laminating, compacting, smoothing and metering applications.

The fix top calendar roll can be equipped with manual or automatic skew adjustment on both journal ends, to compensate for deflection due to loading. The bottom calendar roll is vertically loaded and positioned to the bottom roll by hydraulic rams. The rams are powered by a packaged hydraulic system and a hydraulic servo system, with LVDT position sensing.


PYRADIA’s calenders are designed to offer great production flexibility. By combining a calender to our unwind or re-winder you will benefit from an integrated system.


  • Servo Hydraulic gap
    adjustment with LVDT
    Linear motion sensors
  • Roll Skewing
  • Roll Bending


  • Single or Double Shell
  • Heated or Cooled
  • Crowned


  • Plastics
  • Composites
  • Film
  • Foil
  • Nonwovens