Flatbed laminators

Pyradia has introduced a series of controlled temperature/pressure and dwell time laminating machines with fully programmable functionality. Ideal for laminating substrates requiring prolonged exposure to temperature and or pressure, such as high calliper and high resistance to heat products. The programmable dwell time at pressure and temperature provides thermal “soaking” with maximized mechanical contact and constant or tapered pressure. This technique assures an optimal, wrinkle free bond. Capabilities include sheet laminating, roll-to-roll laminating and roll to sheet.


Dual stainless steel belt flatbed laminator – see details below


Non woven flatbed laminator | Machine width: 94” | Operating temperature: 500°F | Applied pressure: 50 PLI | Line speed: 16 FPM



Principles of operation of the dual stainless steel flatbed laminator:

• Belts pass through a multi-zone, open flame oven assuring even heat distribution with a high, efficient transfer rate.

• Belts are pressed against the material by the use of offset rolls throughout the forming and cooling process.

• A series of high pressure nip-rolls assures the desired compression and surface impregnation of the material.

• Belts and material are then cooled by water mists and air jets evenly and gradually distributed throughout the cooling chamber.

• Hot water is collected and cooled down in a water tower to be reintroduced into the cooling system.


Advantages over typical roller carpet/platen design:

• Up to 50% reduction of maintenance costs
• Up to 50% reduction of energy costs
• Significant reduction of acquisition costs
• Reduction of required floor space.


Typical specifications:
• Width : Up to 120 inches
• Line speed : Up to 35 fpm
• Material process temperature Up to 500°F
• Material exit temperature : As low as 100°F