PYRADIA manufactures high-efficiency convection and IR dryers that will help your company maximize its process uniformity. Our units can be used in a broad range of applications such as paper converting drying, film converting drying, continuous web printing drying, plastics drying, nonwovens drying, textiles drying, composites and laminates drying.

By using our energy transfer maximization method, you may be able to speed up your process line while reducing the equipment size. Our air distribution system ensures a uniform drying over the entire width of your product.

PYRADIA high performance dryers permit higher line speeds and minimize exhaust volume to the VOC control system. Our innovative dryers can be designed to fit into your existing production line to improve the overall performance of your process. We can also retrofit existing equipment.

PYRADIA offers multiple types of drying arrangements such as floatation dryer, belted dryer, arch roll-supported dryer, IR(infrared) dryer and through-air dryer. Whether you are using gas, steam or electric, we have the right drying system designed for your needs. All of our industrial dryers are equipped with large access doors for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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