Floatation dryers

Pyradia offers a wide range of precise, efficient and flexible floatation dryers.

A floatation dryer is the best equipment available for applications when the web material can not be in contact with rolls either because the substrate is too sensitive to be supported by rolls or if the application requires to coat and dry both sides of a web material.

Our dryers can handle the most delicate optical-quality films to heavy coated steel sheets.


Picture 1-2

Narrow web cantilevered floatation dryer designed to offer minimal heat losses while maintaining fast threading capabilities.

Picture 3

Floatation dryer modified to increase the drying capacity from 230 FPM up to 600 FPM.

Picture 4

Floatation dryer designed as part of a dual sided gravure coating line for 26″ wide heat management advanced material.

Picture 5-6

Modular lab pilot web dryer designed with multiple configurations including IR elements and nozzles for floatation drying.