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Belfab manufactures a complete range of dust collecting systems and downdraft tables with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 CFM for the woodworking industry. Our product lines include both enclosureless and enclosed dust collecting equipment for interior as well as exterior installations. Belfab’s unique modular technology lets you increase blower capacity and filtration surface cost effectively, by changing the motor/impeller combination or by introducing additional filter modules to meet your new production needs. Our energy efficient and ergonomically designed downdraft tables are an ideal choice for light to medium duty sanding and finishing applications.

Belfab works in partnership with woodworking machinery experts and distributors across North America. When purchasing CNC’s or other types of machinery for your woodworking business, do not forget to ask about dust collectors. A dust collector is an important piece of equipment when planning for your woodworking machinery purchase. A properly designed dust collecting system will ensure operator safety and improve the air quality and comfort in your work space. Belfab offers a wide variety of dust collecting models capable of handling heavy shavings generated by saws or moulders to very fine particulates generated by belt sanders.

As local restrictions are becoming more stringent, the need for safer indoor dust collecting systems has increased. All our equipment conforms to North-American industry standards such as NFPA 654, 664 and 68.

Not sure what dust collecting capacity you require? Our Belfab technical team can help you specify the best and safest dust collector or downdraft table required for your manufacturing process.

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