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Pyradia’s oven division has been an industry leader in convection, infrared and combination solutions for over 45 years, providing in-depth knowledge required for manufacturing heat treatment lines for various process and substrates. Pyradia expertise covers a wide range of technical textiles applications, such as: nonwoven heat treatment line, composite curing, prepreg polymer resin impregnation lines, whether equipped with single position or fully automatic turret unwinds and winders, with a wide variety of heat source, such as: electric, steam, direct fired natural gas or liquid propane, indirect fired natural gas, or hot oil.

Our experienced engineering team will guide you through the selection and design of your new Pyradia turnkey oven heat treating line, drying or curing line.

This high temperature heat treat line extracts solvent from nonwoven substrates, using recovered heat from a thermal oxidizer as the sole heat source, featuring turret unwind and winders for continuous operation.