Laboratory Two-Roll-Mill

Calendering equipment such as laboratory roll mills are used for various types of polymer and rubber blending. Individually controlled roll temperature and speed improve mixing efficiency. Easily adjustable bronze side dams contain the melted compound within the roll face working width. Pyradia’s mill machine comes standard with hardened chrome plated rolls, high capacity roller bearings with high temperature grease, bearing heat dissipaters, eliminating the need for water cooling, variable speed drives, HMI for speed & pressure controls and dual temperature controllers with integrated high limit protection.

Pyradia designs and manufactured dual-roll mill machines that allow high loading, while offering quick roll opening on E-stop for compliance with ANSI, OSHA and CSA machine safety codes. Category 3 safety features, including: safe torque-off, quick roll opening, body actuated E-stop plate on each side, E-stop button on each side and roll nip point guarding with safety limit switch.


INDUSTRY: Polymer and rubber

APPLICATION: Heating and blending of various compounds


  • Dual Ø6” mixing rolls – electrically heated 6kW per roll
  • Maximum temperature: 500°F +/-25°F surface uniformity
  • Mixing roll face 12”
  • Gap setting: 0.000” – 0.250” with micrometer adjustment
  • Rolls are each independently driven by a 3HP motor & variable speed drive up to 50 FPM
  • Total loading: up to 20,000 Lbs
  • Easily removeable foot pedal operated bronze scrapper blade for mixed sheet removal
  • Compact design with integrated fork truck lifting points