Gravure coaters

PYRADIA offers a complete line of gravure coaters corresponding to your product characteristics. All our gravure coaters are designed according to the highest quality standards for long life and easy maintenance. The open frame design of our equipment makes PYRADIA’s web coaters the easiest to thread, clean and operate. We offer the choice of fabricated open frame design or heavy machined plate construction to better suit customer’s preference or process needs.

With our roll-to-roll gravure coaters you can use a wide range of viscosities. You have the choice of water base, 100 % solids or solvent base coatings. All our gravure coaters are available with speed ranges that meet your requirements. Every web coater we manufacture can be added to an existing line or combined with PYRADIA’s unwinds, winders, laminators, calenders and dryers to create a completely new process line.

PYRADIA’s gravure coaters can be designed to provide different coating methods on the same machine. Each web coater can be equipped with a PLC, a MMI and a computerized control system, depending of your specifications. PYRADIA’s web coating equipment are available in our standard range of characteristics, or specially designed for your particular application.



This single side gravure coater (bottom side coating) was designed for a US automotive interior trim manufacturer to coat a 40″ to 80″ wide polyester foam web substrate.

 PICTURE 4 –  Offset gravure type – TOP COATER:

The applicator and anilox rolls are driven by AC vector gear-motors and can turn in the forward or reverse direction.

Coating is furnished to the anilox roll through a chambered doctor system which also doctors the coating on the roll. The nip made between the applicator roll and anilox roll is manually adjustable by wedge blocks. The anilox roll is driven through a Schmidt coupling, which allows the nip to be adjusted and to be retracted 4” by pneumatic cylinder


The bottom anilox roll, which is also the applicator roll, serves as the backup roll for the top coater


This gravure coater offers forward & reverse operation and is equipped with an enclosed coating feed chamber. Three back-up rolls are mounted on a turret to allow for quick changeovers.

COATING MACHINE Coating thickness (mils) Viscosity (centipoise) Speed Range (fpm) Width (inches)
Gravure Coater 2 to 5 50 to 10,000 10 to 1200 12 to 80
Offset Gravure Coater 1 to 5 100 to 10,000 10 to 1000 12 to 80