Roll support dryers

PYRADIA manufactures high technology convection dryers and ovens, gas, or electric fired. Our units can be used in a broad range of applications such as paper and film converting, continuous web printing, plastics, textiles, composites and laminates.

Below you can see some examples of drying equipment designed and manufactured by Pyradia web converting division:

Pictures 1-5

Optical grade extensible thin film roll support dryer for a water based PSA coating application.

Picture 6

Horseshoe dryer designed for operating temperatures up to 500°F using high velocity air nozzles. This configuration is best suited to minimize the machine floor space required.

Picture 8

Low temperature gas fired arch dryer designed for processing water base coatings at speeds up to 800 FPM. Web temperature monitoring provides accurate drying over the complete speed range.


We developed and manufactured a modular arched roll-supported convection drying equipment.

Since the initial enquiry we have sold numerous units with the following specifications range*:


Type: Roll support arched Dryer
Model: High Temperature up to 450°F available in cantilever arrangement with easy threading
Drying line speed: 500 – 750 FPM
Web width: 20-30 inches
Temperature range: 300-350°F
Equipment length: 30-45 feet
Energy source: Natural/propane gas, electric, steam
Rolls: Driven spiral grooved idlers


*custom-engineered roll-to-roll drying equipment are also available , please contact our web converting team to discuss your requirements in more details.