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Pyradia was founded in 1973 initially conceiving and manufacturing industrial ovens & furnaces, slowly becoming a specialist in aluminum heat treating equipment (drop bottom ovens), delivering highly efficient and custom engineered machinery to the aerospace industry.

While developing new design and approaching new processes in the field of heat treatment, the company added an air filtration & ventilation capability with the acquisition of Belfab, a manufacturer of dust collectors and downdraft tables for the woodworking industry. This new venture was completed by the conception of a highly innovative and patented modular dust collection unit.

Always looking out for new opportunities, at the time already equipped with a highly qualified and creative engineering team, Pyradia started in the 90s to manufacture custom drying equipment slowly entering the web converting industry. Responding successfully to more challenging demands, often related to new manufacturing processes, Pyradia added new products to its web converting equipment range (web coating, laminating, web drying, calendering, winding and web handling) gaining expertise in the conception, optimisation and manufacturing of custom engineered systems for the roll-to-roll converting industry.

Helen Keller – an inspirational American author – said “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. No business could become that successful without the skills and commitment from the people working for it. Pyradia is no exception and knows that the commitment of its production, engineering, sales and administration teams plays a big part in its succes.

Our mission :

Design industrial equipment tailored to your needs while exceeding your expectations to become your reference in term of satisfaction.

All Pyradia employees proudly and passionately direct their daily actions according to Pyradia’s mission!




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