Assay furnaces

PYRADIA is a manufacturer of ovens and furnaces well known in the mining industry for the design and production of custom-built equipment. Knowledge of this industry has enabled Pyradia to design an improved assay furnaces.

Efficient & performant

Seven inches of high quality refractory brick ensure excellent insulating properties resulting in reduced heat-up time, increased temperature uniformity and lower production costs.  The material used in the construction of the treating chamber offer excellent protection against corrosive emanations that may result from the process.

The guillotine-type door is counter weigthed and opens from top to bottom. The operator of the furnace may open the door slightly with minimum heat loss and minimum arnount of fresh air filtering into the chamber.

Easy to operate

The door is easily opened by a short rotation lever which can be installed on either side of the furnace.

At the appropriate moment, opening of the vent enables fresh air to come in contact with the top of each cupel providing excellent oxidation. The high quality results of this procedure are attributable to a thorough study of the fresh air circulation and ventilation in the chamber. A drawer is installed beneath the door allowing the operator to clean the hearth plate without soiling the lab floor. Process residue is swept towards the front of the plate and falls into the drawer which can be quickly emptied.

A silicon carbide hearth plate is solidly held in place by a support contrived in the refractory brick. Resistant to wear and corrosion, this plate allows uniform distribution of heat. Removable slides facilitate installation of the hearth plate, avoiding accidental damage to the elements. A Venturi-type chimney, extending from the vault of the heating chamber, enables complete evacuation of gases and fumes resulting from the process. It also permits a continuous exchange of air inside the furnace casing. A 6 inch diameter connecting pipe is installed at our plant. The furnace can easily be connected to ducting of a conventional chimney at little cost.

The heat-treating chamber is completely independent from the furnace casing, ensuring better ventilation of the electrical connections for increased reliability. This characteristic coupled with superior insulation enables the furnace casing to remain cool keeping the room where the furnace is installed at a comfortable temperature all year round.


The furnace casing, made of heavy gauge sheet metal, is specially formed to provide superior structural strength. The control panel is slightly recessed, providing protection for the electronic controls. All electric and electronic controls are grouped at the base of the furnace. These easy-to-read controls include:

  • Digital indicating temperature controller with type K thermocouple
  • High limit protection with type R thermocouple
  • One ammeter (1 phase) or three ammeters (3 phases)
  • Pilot lights and switches
  • Security contactors


2300°F (1260°C)

Inside dimensions Outside dimensions
Models Width Lenth Height Width Lenth Height Power Weight
(in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) (in / cm) kW (lbs / kgs)
AF 2001 14.5 / 36 22 / 55 7.5 / 19 40 / 101 40 / 101 76 / 193 20 850 / 385