Modular controlled atmosphere bell furnaces

The controlled atmosphere system 250 is a modular bell-furnace with separated stations and direct quenching transfer. The quench transfer system from the furnace to the tank is carried out by simply sliding the load without any hooking mechanism in less than 15 seconds.

Main properties

  • Integration of various quenching options enabling a greater variety of furnace/tank combinations
  • Easy extension of existing line with new requirements, both in terms of capacity and treatments
  • Particularly suitable for production of parts in medium and small production runs requiring flexibility of heat treatment parameters (temperature and atmosphere)
  • Suitable for thin + long parts subject to high risk of distortion
  • Quench transfer under atmosphere without loss of temperature before quenching the load
  • Customized layout according to your production needs
  • Modules can be added later to support increase in production
  • Semi/full automatic mode only
  • Complies with the highest AMS 2750 (NADCAP), ICQ9 aerospace and automotive norms

Pyradia holds the exclusive license to CODERE designs in North America to answer all your controlled atmosphere & retort furnaces requirements.

Equipment manufactured in Canada Made in Canada. For more details about the system 250, consult our brochure & case study material.


Fields of application (under protective gas):

  • Austenizing (hardening)
  • Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Nitriding, nitrocarburizing, oxynitriding
  • Annealing, tempering and brazing
  • Treatments up to 2000°F (1100°C)
  • Alkaline washing
  • Solution heat treatment and ageing
  • Washing with solvents


Quenching medium with suitable washing:

  • Water
  • Oil
  • Molten salt
  • Nitrogen
  • Alkaline washing
  • Washing with solvents

General specifications:

  • Cylindrical stable chamber of long lifetime
  • Turbine and guide cylinder for forced atmosphere convection, that means high uniformity of temperature ± 9°F (5°C) and carbon potential (± 0.05 % C)
  • Easy access to the plug
  • High speed cooling fan
  • No thermal or mechanical shocks on the essential elements such as turbines & oxygen probes
  • Gas injection without clogging
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access to all elements


  • Maximum working temperature: 1100°C
  • Maximum gross load with loading fixtures: 5 tons
  • Maximum useful load height: 4500 mm


Advantages of the installation:

  • Patented load transfer by gliding
  • Without locking of the load
  • Without mechanism, i.e. no breakdown
  • Without any wear and locking elements
  • Full gas protection during quenching

With this solution the quenching baths can be transferred to any heat treatment furnace. That means saving one or several baths. Considering the performance of these installations we dare say that the investment is paid off very quickly in comparison to other installations offered on the market.