Please note that we have recently updated the product pages and specifications of the following industrial ovens and web converting lines:

Drop Bottom furnaces – industrial ovens foraluminum solution heat treatment.

Turret winders – TREW Series – web convertingmodular winding equipment.

We invite you to consult our current standard configurations and encourage you to contact us if your requirements fall outside these specifications. Our highly qualified engineering team has extensive experience in delivering custom solutions.

The web converting division also recently implemented a predictive software for the coating and converting industry.  A full suite of coating models and a comprehensive drying model ensures your process is accurately represented.

This advanced tool, a multi-sectorial expertise and the ability to run tests at local facilities for a variety of products such as film, paper and specialty materials strengthen further Pyradia’s key ability to handle unique, complex and novelty web manufacturing and converting processes.

About Pyradia:
Pyradia, founded in 1973, designs, optimises, manufactures, installs and maintains industrial ovensweb converting and dust collecting equipment internationally.