For the 3rd consecutive year, the dust collecting systemsdivision of Pyradia  – Belfab – is showing a turnover growth from the previous year close to 20% by the end of Q2.

By the end of June 2013, yearly revenues are up 25% from last month and over 3 times more enquiries were quoted so far this year.

This success is due to a fantastic effort from the Belfab sales and production teams in answering incoming queriesefficiently as well as a great support from all our distributors in North America.

The most popular models from our range, which contributed to this growth, are stand alone and modular open dust collectors – the NBM-OP and JNBM-OP.

The BELFAB NBM-OP series is engineered as a compact and high efficiency collector solution. This design integratesBELFAB modular filter technology. This feature makes it possible to increase filtration surface cost effectively, with the introduction of additional filter modules. Read more.

The JNBM-OP model is an industrial small capacity dust collector system equipped with a 7.5 HP blower generating over 3500 CFM. This unit is generally recommended for applications involving one or two machines in a small shop environment or in larger facilities where there is a need for an industrial “stand alone solution”. Read more.


About Belfab:
Belfab in Longueuil, QC, is a division of Pyradia Inc and specialized in the manufacture of dust collectors. Browse our complete range on: . Pyradia also manufactures industrial ovens and web converting machinery.