Pyradia strengthens its relations with Pratt & Whitney Canada with 2 new furnace projects for facilities in Quebec. The first project is to supply a low temperature conveyor drying #oven for steel parts complying with #AMS2750 standards.

Secondly Pyradia received an order for a Bottom loading type #furnace. The Equipment will be used for the #stress_relief of combustion chambers of P&WC aero engines. The unit will be a high temperature (2000 F) retort #furnace using Argon/Nitrogen and Hydrogen equipped with state of the art batching monitoring/logging capabilities.

For 40 years, Pyradia has been a major supplier of high temperature industrial ovens and heat treating equipment,  from table top laboratory solutions to drop bottom ovens for aluminum heat treating, to a great number of the top companies throughout the world. We design and manufacture a broad range of standard and custom-built Industrial Ovens and Furnaces for heat treatment at temperatures ranging from 800°F to 3200°F (425°C to 1760°C).

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