Testimonial of JDC Inc – Adhesive solutions for Industry – following the design, manufacturing and installation of a laminating equipment at their facilities by Pyradia web converting.

John Deal Coating, based in Mt Juliet, TN is a third generation privately held manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

Following the successful engineering and delivery of a PSA coating and laminating line saving them millions of dollars and enabling them to improve both product efficiency and manufacturing lead time, JDC Coatings chose to work once again with Pyradia.

After Pyradia came through with the coater I once again challenged them on a laminator. Our typical material widths are 61 to 62 inches but I needed a laminator that could house material approximately 72 to 74 inches wide” explains Chris March, VP of Operations at JDC.

“The other challenge that we had was that a typical laminator is long rather than tall. So, I challenged Pyradia to create a laminator that was vertical rather than horizontal and still met our needs.

 I needed it vertically instead of the traditional horizontal position simply due to limited space. Then every area of the laminator had to be accessible to the operators and it was a challenge simply due to the types of material we make here and the precise adjustment that we need” says Chris.

In close collaboration with JDC, Pyradia engineered a roll-to-roll laminating system able to process paper liners, polyester, vinyl, polyethylene films, aluminum foil, lightly woven polyester rolls, carpet material, and foams. All material is pressure sensitive adhesive coated on a paper or film liner and laminated to one of the other substrates.

The single position laminating system is composed of liner unwind, operator platform and splicing station, laminate unwind, liner rewind, laminator, rewind, NEMA 12 panel and Siemens Simatic S7 PLC control system components.

 Once again Pyradia met the challenge and provided a top-notch piece of equipment. Not only it was a piece of equipment manufactured to our needs, but it really exceeded our expectations. From conception to delivery and set up to training even today Pyradia is there to assist with innovative changes and support.

Laminating equipment from Pyradia