Cuming Microwave Corporation – Avon, MA –  is a global supplier of Microwave Absorbers, Radar Absorbers, Dielectric Materials, Anechoic Chambers, EMC Chambers for the Defense, Electronic, Telecom, Medical & Automotive Industries – A Complete Line of EMI Absorbers and EMI Suppression Materials. The organization has been using downdraft tables from Belfab for many years. Continue to read why below.


“We at Cuming Microwave have several Pyradia Belfab downdraft tables and are highly pleased with them. We use them in several different production floor areas. We have large and smaller models in every division of our company. The Pyradia Belfab downdraft tables are essential to our operation and serve a very integral part of our production line”. Kevin Frost, Facilities Manager, Cuming Microwave Corporation.

“When we first started we bought similar machines from several different manufacturers, and after 8 years, we now use exclusively Pyradia Belfab to get the job done. We find them to be reliableand easy to clean. Whenever we need to buy another downdraft table, we do not even look anywhere else, it is going to be aPyradia Belfab downdraft table.Nothing can compare.”