Belfab just concluded a sale for an SBM, a large outdoor dust collector. The SBM dust collector was sold to Salt Lake City Community College, in the state of Utah. It will be shipped in November and installed over the holiday season.

The SBM is one of our largest models of dust collectors and is our largest “shaker type”.  This paticular SBM will include:

  • Four filtration modules
  • A pneumatic dust transfer system
  • Two 60HP blowers with pneumatic gates (allowing them to be used together or independently)
  • Two 26’’ diameter backdraft dampers
  • A multi-zone spark detection system
  • A heat detection system
  • Filtration unit Sprinkler system

At Belfab, we ensure that our customers receive the best possible dust collector for their situation, by offering a multitude of options and configurations. We take the time to customize your dust collector so that you can benefit from optimal results.

Your business is growing, and our dust collectors evolve with you! Our modular technology allows filtration modules to be added as your needs grow. Our modular systems are simply the best solution for your dust collection needs. Contact us today!