Thermal oxidizers

PYRADIA’s thermal oxidizers are designed to efficiently destroy more than 99 % of the process emissions.

For a higher efficiency, you can add a heat recovery system to your thermal oxidizer and recover up to 70 % of the combustion heat. This represents significant energy savings. The system allows your to re-use the heat generated from the previous airstream in order to reduce the energy needed. With one of PYRADIA’s heat recovery systems you can easily turn your pollutants into free energy and save money.

Our thermal oxidizers are used in a variety of industries and can be designed for interior or exterior installation. They can handle flows up to 60,000 SCFM at temperatures ranging from 1,000°F to 1,600°F.

PYRADIA’s custom-designed thermal oxidizers offer the best VOC destruction solution for your process.



The illustration above shows how the VOC laden air is processed inside the thermal oxidizers. The contaminants are first preheated into a heat exchanger before being passed through a burner, where they are elevated to the appropriate destruction temperature. Once the proper temperature reached, the toxic and organic vapors are thermally converted to carbon dioxide and water vapors. The hot air is then returned to the heat exchanger and used to preheat the next contaminated airstream. Finally cleaned air is exchausted in the atmosphere.