Pyradia KOR Coating Web converting line ready to ship:
– Dual Knife Over Roll coating line
– Thick coating application
– High capacity flotation for specially heavy substrates
– Solvent base coating with coater enclosures
– Multizone flotation dryers

Pyradia Web Converting manufactures custom engineered roll-to-roll process equipment from complete web coating & laminating lines to single winding, drying, calendering and handling components. For the past 20 years, our engineering team has been designing machinery to answer challenging process requirements from the Automotive, PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), Film, Flexible Packaging, Defence, Construction and Electronics industries.

Pyradia has the engineering and manufacturing skills to accompany you in specifying, designing and delivering the most suitable web coating line for your process. We will take all your requirements in consideration whether you require a specific speed, technique or would you be limited in space. Even though we will always base our recommendation on past expertise, our approach is as flexible as the equipment we design. You define your process, priorities and limitations. We deliver the technology to achieve your goals.

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