This month the Monty News, a leading heat treating news web publication, covers the installation of a Pyradia drop bottom oven at Alphacasting.

Source: – September 15th, 2016

“September 15th, 2016 –  Alphacasting/Pyradia. Precision investment casting company Alphacasting in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area is busy installing a new drop bottom oven which can be seen in the photo below. The unit was provided by Pyradia, a fast growing oven and furnace builder again in the Montreal area. Like most companies Alphacasting had considered a used system however there are never many good used drop bottoms on the market and at the end of the day the company decided to go with the reliability and guarantee of a brand new system. By the way there is a European connection here in that Pyradia is the North American licensee for Swiss furnace builder Codere and has built several systems. One that comes to mind which happened not that long ago was a Codere System 250 built by Pyradia for Koyo Bearings in Walhalla, SC. If you think about this it certainly promotes the case for globalization in that this was a successful installation; a Canadian company using Swiss technology provides a product for a US division of a Japanese company. ”

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Alphacasting Pyradia Drop Bottom Oven - The Monty News September 2015

Alphacasting Pyradia Drop Bottom Oven – The Monty News September 2015