Pyradia has been awarded a new high precision oven contract from Centrix. They are a technological and market leader for aerospace assembly and fastener technology. With customers in over 15 countries, and products in use or in development for every new airplane program in the world, they have implemented a world-wide support structure including over 20 high level people in the field. The oven will be used for aluminum heat treatment and the stress relief of stainless steel.

Pyradia’s high precision oven consistently offers heat uniformity (down to +/- 5°f (2.8°c), class I, ams2750) throughout the service life of the unit.

For 45 years, Pyradia has been a major supplier of high precision industrial ovens and heat treating equipment from table top laboratory furnaces to drop bottom ovens for aluminum heat treating. Pyaradia designs and manufacture a broad range of standard and custom-built Industrial Ovens and Furnaces primarily for the aerospace industry.

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