We are proud to announce the sale of our largest dust collector model, the MPJB series. A contract has been signed with Cuisi-n-art located in Gatineau, as part of a major expansion.

Cuisi-n-art is investing 8.6M$ for the opening of a new plant. The 38,000 ft² facility will boast an 8,000 ft² showroom and a large ready-made section of takeaway products!

A project of this scale necessitates a powerful dust collector and our MPJB model will fit the bill perfectly. It will have two filtration modules, for a total of 4,524 ft² of filtration, as well as a 100HP blower! It will also have a pneumatique dust transfer system, which will automatically move collected dust into disposal containers. Moreover, the dust collector will integrate many safety systems, such as a 32’’ backdraft damper, a spark detection system, and a heat sensor system.

Cuisi-n-art has also entrusted us with the installation of the unit and ductwork system.  We are honored to have been selected for this turnkey contract and are thrilled to be joining them on this beautiful journey!