This BELFAB NBM dust collector with top mounted safety options was installed at Virginia Tech University´s woodworking shop.

The university required a central dust collection system to replace their old outdated collector. The old collector was undersized and no longer performing well.

The university decided on a Belfab NBM dust collector. This model of dust collector utilizes a mechanical shaker to clean the filter bags. The dust is collected on the side of the bags during operation. When the collector shuts down, the bags are shaken clean.


This model of dust collector from BELFAB is a good option for small wood working shops that do not tend to run their process for long hours, since the collector must be stopped to be cleaned. This is a good economical solution for a small low production process in the woodworking industry.

The clean air from the discharge of the dust collector is being returned to the building. An abort gate was put in the return airline to satisfy the National Fire Protection Agency code and prevents fire from being spread inside the building in the event of a fire or an explosion.

The filter is equipped with tilt cart dust containers. These can be lifted with a fork lift and dumped into a dumpster, making dust disposal easy.

This unit was supplied through our dealer Stiles Machinery. Read more about our models of closed dust collectors here.

Belfab NBM