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Aluminum solution heat treating – Drop bottom ovens

Pyradia has developed the most advanced line of Drop Bottom Ovens for aluminum solution heat treating. These ovens incorporate state of the art insulation, control system and hoist mechanism which make them the most performing and reliable on the market.

Best temperature uniformity of any Drop Quench Furnace

In the electric drop bottom oven models, the low-density tubular heating elements are evenly distributed in the air ducts all around the working zone. In the gas drop bottom furnace models, the heating system is designed with indirect fired burners complete with heat recuperation assuring an average energy efficiency greater than 70%.

The high efficiency fans located in the top plenum procure a powerful vertical airflow, which passes evenly through the working area of the drop bottom oven. As a result, the temperature uniformity throughout the working area is within +/- 9oF (5oC) (or +/- 5oF/3oC when required), at any given temperature, even during ramp-up. With these exceptional performances, our Drop Quench Furnace will meet the tighter specifications of the future. They can also be used for aluminum aging at lower temperatures.

Rugged construction

Pyradia’s Drop Bottom Furnaces are designed for an intensive and continuous use up to 1 200oF (650oC) . The loading and quenching systems arefully automated by PLC. The dual speed electro-mechanical winch system permits a controlled acceleration/deceleration of the load descent and has proven to be much more reliable and sturdy that the commonly used pneumatic systems.

Superior insulation

The insulation of our drop bottom ovens consists of 6″ of ceramic fiber modules. This high efficiency materiel assures minimum heat loss and heat storage for rapid heat cycling and energy economy. Contrary to layered blanket arrangement, ceramic blocks have a great resistance to high air velocity abrasion. This configuration is extra durable and requires very little if no maintenance.


Heat treating furnaces applications:

  • Heat treatment of aluminum parts
  • T4 and T6 aluminum solution heat treating
  • Ageing heat treating processes


  • AMS2750E & Nadcap compliant
  • Temperature uniformity of +/- 9oF (5oC) at any temperature, from 300oF to 1 200oF (150oC to 650oC)
  • Choice of quench time in less than 5,7,10 ou 15s
  • Fastest ramp-up and lowest consumption
  • Dual speed electro-mechanical winch system simple and reliable
  • Electric or gas heating
  • Ceramic fiber block module insulation
  • Stainless steel air baffle
  • Sliding or swinging door
  • High volume recirculating stainless steel fan
  • Pneumatically operated doors
  • Tank mounted on mobile cart with rails
  • Heating elements and belt driven circulating fan mounted in protected chambers beside and above working area
  • Load capacity up to 2 000 lbs (900 kgs) for standard models


  • Temperature uniformity de +/- 3oC (±5oF)
  • Quenching tanks cooling system
  • Quenching tanks heating system
  • Quenching tanks insulation
  • Safety curtain
  • Glycol management system enabling water/glycol separation for regulating the concentration of the solution and recuperation
  • Sand filtration/recuperation system
  • Mezzanine for operating station
  • Rinse tank(s)
  • Additional quench tank(s)





(in / cm)(in / cm)(in / cm)
EDQ 03603604236 / 9136 / 9142 / 106
EDQ 04804804848 / 12148 / 12148 / 121
EDQ 04807204848 / 12172 / 18248 / 121
EDQ 04809606048 / 12196 / 24460 / 152
EDQ 06006006060 / 15260 / 15260 / 152
EDQ 06008006060 / 15278 / 20060 / 152


Additional sizes of drop bottom furnaces (for the treatment of aluminum cladding):


(in / cm)(in / cm)(in / cm)
EDQ 04810806048 / 120108 / 27560 / 152
EDQ 04813206048 / 120132 / 33560 / 152
EDQ 04813207248 / 120132 / 33572/ 180
EDQ 04815606048 / 120156 / 39660 / 152
EDQ 04815607248 / 120156 / 39672 / 180

Gas Drop bottom furnaces:

please contact us for further information.

Most popular hoist design selections:

Parts + Basket capacity:500 lbs (226kg)1000 lbs (454 kg)2000 lbs (907 kg)
Quenching Time (s) :5, 7, 10, 15


* The above models are our most popular sizes, other sizes available on request.
* PYRADIA is continuously improving their product lines. Specifications may change without notice.